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When you dream big- you manifest good stuff to come your way!

Hi! I’m Jennie with The Wolek Group in Tulsa OK!

I believe in dreaming big by envisioning my best life in the future by creating a bucket list and even a vision board. The more I put out there, the more I get back and achieve!

Recently, I came up with this idea. What if we build a bucket list, first by reflecting on what we’ve already accomplished and then chunking it down into next year's clear and concise list of travels, experiences, learning and growth.

When we get clear on what we really want in life, then we have motivation, to do what needs to be done to achieve these dreams and goals..

And that’s how Build Your Business Buckets to Fund Your Bucket List was created!

We know that communication with our database and community is the most important thing we can do in our business. Let’s get clear on who is getting the message, when and how they receive it, and how you will measure your results.

In this training event, you will learn how to map out your annual plan, divided into YOUR buckets of your business and then tap into the 4 M’s to build your weekly, monthly and annual plan.

If you ever get overwhelmed about what you are going to say and when you will say it, this class is for you. It’s a straightforward plan to elevate stress and ensure your touches are made, with purpose each week.

I can’t wait to see you for the launch of this new training and of course you will get the video, presentation and workbook delivered to your inbox asap.


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