With over 2 decades in the real estate business, Jennie has developed clarity and focus by discovering her purpose. Jennie's mission is to empower others to tap into their potential and discover their possibilities through teaching, modeling and giving them permission to live their dream life…NOW!


Jennie shares her lessons and failures in various training classes through Your Journey with Jennie and her Maintain Your Momentum group. Continual education and growth are a top priority for Jennie, as she is also a Keller Williams University and QL Certified Instructor, as well as on the KWKC Board of Directors. 


Jennie is a highly-sought-after speaker who has spoked to countless audiences including,

  • National Conventions
  • Family Reunion
  • Mega Camp
  • Real Estate offices across the country

Training Classes

Traveling and Teaching fee: $3000 (includes air and hotel)

KWU and QL Certified Trainer Classes:  

3+ Hour Sessions:
The Six Personal Perspectives  (3 hours OK CE)
Quantum Leap for Adults (3 hours OK CE)
Customer Experience and the 5 S Model
Power Through the Shift- The Six Strategies 
Time Management with the 411


*other Keller Williams University Class, by request



Jennie’s Curated Classes:

3+ Hour Sessions:
Mirror My Business: Borrow My Breakdown for Your Breakthrough 
1.5 Hour Sessions:
5 Steps to 6 Figures with Agent Referrals 
Create a Powerful and Purposeful GPS 
5 Simple Steps to Grow your Network and Your Network with B2B
 1 Hour or Less Sessions:
Dreams and Dollars: Fund Your Bucket List with Your Business Goals
Beyond Buzzwords: Marketing, Social Media, and Sponsorship Strategies 
Digging for Database Diamonds with the 4 C's
The Power of Your Purpose
Speaker Inquiry
Jennie Wolek, the owner of The Wolek Group, leads her team as they help over 100 families annually while generating just as many local and agent referrals. The Wolek Group focuses on delivering an amazing client experience, loving on their people, giving back to the Tulsa community, all while having lots of fun. This small and mighty team enjoys living their motto—Help More, Give Back, Live Large and Have fun. 
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Client's Love

Nicole V.

"Definitely consider Mirror My Business with Jennie!

I am in New Zealand and often wonder if the training is as good as it sounds and applicable to me... this was!

This was my second time in this course. It is motivating and so informative. When I first joined the course I was 2 months in and now after 15 months in the real estate industry (former teacher here) the information I heard this morning is sitting differently. It is more meaningful and I genuinely think if I was to do the course again next year, I would gain again.

Thanks Jennie, I enjoyed the pace (you covered a lot!) and the opportunity to go deeper. I'm just about to sign up for Implement My Business so I have the opportunity to learn more and have time to put your ways into practise.

I do love that you promote a culture of learning and sharing. It is rare in real estate and it means you stand out.

Thanks again."