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Jennie Wolek, the owner of The Wolek Group, leads her team as they help over 100 families annually while generating just as many local and agent referrals. The Wolek Group focuses on delivering an amazing client experience, loving on their people, giving back to the Tulsa community, all while having lots of fun.  And you will learn how to do this too- by joining in on the journey.
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Laurie D.

"I have no idea where to begin other than to start by saying Jennie Wolek, is 100% responsible for my incredibly FOCUSED growth over the past 3 years. Her ideals so closely aligned with my own that I was easily drawn to her. She is so open and giving with regards to her business, down to the nitty-gritty of the "how" and she so graciously shares every behind the scene detail you could ever hope to know. I stopped "recreating the wheel" and stopped searching and gravitating towards every other shiny object when I found Jennie. If you are an agent who is relationship focused and genuinely care about the connections you make, you need Jennie Wolek in your life! Trust me!! 🥰"