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What Are the Benefits of a Buyer “Love Letter?”

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How are you being creative with helping your clients win the deal? I don’t know if your market is like mine here in Tulsa, but our listing inventory is low and the market is hot. We love to think outside of the box for our clients, and one way we do that is to encourage our buyer clients to write a ‘love letter’ when submitting their offer.

Writing a letter lets your buyer client share their genuine enthusiasm about the prospect of living in that home. Not only does it show the seller the buyer’s sentimental link to their property, but it also gives you, the agent, more insight into why your client is so interested in it—you get to learn some cool information about people sometimes!

Another reason why buyer love letters are great is that they allow us to show up for our clients as professionals. When we think outside the box and offer our buyers these sorts of ideas, it exemplifies our commitment to getting them into a new home.

Most importantly, buyer love letters help buyers win! They can get the contract moving and bring your buyers one step closer to their ideal home. It also humanizes the whole experience thereafter; the buyer, seller, and seller’s agents will be more connected and have a more positive working relationship throughout the transaction when it’s understood that everyone is equally invested in making this deal work.

“When we think outside the box for our buyers, it exemplifies our commitment to getting them into a new home.”

Let me know if you’re using buyer love letters in your offer and how this strategy is working out for you! As always, reach out with any questions or concerns you may have; I’m here to help!


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