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Matt Aitchison: Becoming a Millionaire Through Real Estate

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For today’s real estate success story, I’ve got a treat for you: Matt Aitchison from Sacramento, California. Not only does he have so much energy and enthusiasm, but he’s also an all-around awesome guy.

Matt and I met years ago at the Keller Williams event, Recharge. The fun part of those events is that when you move to higher levels in terms of growth and the talent that surrounds you, you make so many new friends; Matt agrees that that has contributed in no small amount to his success.

Matt has had quite the journey in his career, and where he is today isn’t necessarily where he thought might have been years ago. And so today, I’d like to have a discussion with him about his journey and what he’s done to grow and develop his skills in the real estate industry.

For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps below so that you can navigate the conversation in the video above at your leisure:

3:30—How Matt, jobless and full of debt, entered the real estate game
8:20—Matt’s advice for real estate agents who aren’t sure about their direction
14:40—Matt’s brand, social media presence, and process for making a name for himself
19:30—The value of recording yourself and creating a training library for new agents 
22:20—Matt’s wealth-building process: Becoming a millionaire through real estate

I was blown away by how much value Matt managed to pack into our short conversation, and I’m so glad I got to speak with him.

If you’d like to follow Matt’s social media, send referrals, or ask him questions, he can be reached on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the handle @OfficialMattyA. He also has all sorts of tools, resources, and paid content on his website, Further still, you can listen to either of his podcasts, “6-Figure Flipper” and “Millionaire Mindcast,” for more information about him and his process.

If you have any questions for the Wolek Group, you are always encouraged to reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you soon.

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