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James Hern Unveils Real Estate Mastery | Agent Success Secrets

agent success secrets

Welcome to another episode of Agent Success Secrets. This time, I’m joined by James Hern with The Hern Group out of Kansas City to talk about his business, his expansion, the market, and much more. I’ve known James for a long time and I’m excited for him to share his expertise. Here’s an outline of our discussion, with timestamps so that you can skip ahead to the part(s) that interest you the most:

1:00- James shares his background, including how he got into the real estate business, how he and his team have evolved over the years, and what their production is like today.

4:30- How the business of real estate expansion is changing with Keller Williams’ new virtual market centers.

6:45- James’ plan of action for taking advantage of this new way of doing business.

7:40- A few challenges of expansion within this new system.

9:20- What James is training his team on as the market is shifting.

11:30- The top sources of business for The Hern Group and how they are mastering them.

13:58- How James is getting the message out to his database that he and his team are real people, as well as a fantastic resource for all areas of real estate.

15:56- What James believes The Hern Group does really well in terms of culture and how they are continuing to improve their business on a daily basis.

19:50- How to get in touch with James if you or someone you know needs real estate assistance in Kansas City.

Thanks so much to James for sharing his valuable time and this valuable information with me. If you have any questions for me or have any real estate needs that I can assist with, don’t hesitate to reach out and give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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