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How Removing Limiting Beliefs Can Change Your Life

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By removing limiting beliefs, just like I did, you can live your life more productively and more fiercely.

Every single day, we make choices about what we’ll allow into our brains, what we absorb, and how we’ll react to life. When it comes to these choices, it’s important that we remove limiting beliefs.

I remember that my mind first expanded and adopted this concept back in 2010 at a BOLD class when I started thinking about the possibilities of living a life by design instead of default. That’s when I started thinking about life in terms of “I can,” and “I am,” and I started having daily positive affirmations to feed myself positive vibes and thoughts that allowed me to currently live more productively and more fearlessly.

Before that, I had limiting beliefs about myself—either because I didn’t have the same experience as other agents, the same amount of money as them, or that certain “thing” that allowed them to be confident. I just didn’t feel the same thing inside me.

I remember thinking the same thought so many other agents have every single day: I don’t want to bug them. Shifting my mind from “I don’t want to bug them” to “I’m really great at helping people—how many people do I get to help today?” changed everything for me.


At my first BOLD class, I remember that the thought of talking to 20 people in a single day physically made me want to vomit. That’s because I was living in fear of what they might think about me or how I might be intruding on their day. Then I realized that after I connected with them, they were happy to hear from me! If they weren’t, that was OK too. That’s none of my business, and they don’t know me.

When you switch your thinking to “I don’t want to bug them” to “I’m great at helping people,” I promise you’ll be able to remove your limiting beliefs, at least in regards to helping people. After all, we’re in the business of helping people—the relationship-building business. If you don’t have relationships, you don’t have a business.

Do whatever you have to do on a daily basis to remove your limiting beliefs, whether it’s positive affirmations, journaling the things you’re good at, etc. Have accountability around those things as well.

If you have any questions about limiting beliefs our you’d like to talk with me about any “drunk monkeys” that get in your way, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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