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Agent Success Secret with Stacey Sauls

agent success secrets

Stacey Sauls is not your average real estate agent; she's a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Serving Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, Stacey has established herself as a top-producing agent with an impressive track record.

As the founder of The Stacey Sauls Group, Stacey has cultivated a reputation for excellence and integrity in the real estate market. Her dedication to her clients is evident in her last year's production, where she closed an impressive 215 units, with a GCI of $120 million.

Driven by her commitment to excellence, Stacey has set ambitious goals for this year: aiming to close 300 units, with a GCI of $4.5 million and a volume of $150 million.

Stacey's success is built on a foundation of strong relationships and referrals. With 60% of her business coming from her Sphere of Influence (SOI) and 30% from agent referrals, Stacey understands the power of building lasting connections in the industry.

One of Stacey's strengths lies in her role as an Inside Sales Agent (ISA), a position she loves and excels in. Her ability to connect with clients and provide exceptional service sets her apart in the competitive real estate market.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Stacey finds fulfillment in her personal life, particularly in being a mother. She takes pride in guiding them through life's challenges and teaching them the importance of time management and resilience.

While Stacey has achieved remarkable success in her career, she acknowledges that she's faced her fair share of challenges. Implementing effective back-end systems and assembling an executive team have been ongoing projects for her, but Stacey embraces her failures as opportunities for growth and learning.

For aspiring or struggling agents, Stacey's advice is simple yet profound: consistency wins. She emphasizes the importance of taking consistent action every day to propel your business forward.

Reflecting on her journey, Stacey shares that if she had to start her business over, she would prioritize hiring administrative support sooner. Learning from her past experiences, she recognizes the value of delegation and support in achieving success.

In addition to her real estate prowess, Stacey is passionate about making the business accessible and manageable for new agents. She welcomes the opportunity to share her insights and expertise on building a successful business from the ground up, even without a strong Sphere of Influence.

To connect with Stacey Sauls and learn more about her approach to real estate success, reach out via email at [email protected] or give her a call at 864-901-1087.

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