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Who Knew Productivity Could Be So Fun?

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Have you ever thought about how competition forces us to up our games? Competition is the key to success and the incubator of innovation. Last month, we not only had the most fun we’ve ever had as a team, but we also had our most productive December on record. That’s because I came up with a fun way to foster friendly competition amongst our team members while also keeping them laser-focused on what really matters most: connecting with and adding to their databases.

I created a game I called 21 Days of Database. (You can set the number of days to whatever you like; I just chose to do it over the three weeks leading up to the holidays to ensure my team finished the year strong). We devised multiple categories and outlined the ways in which our agents could earn points (again, feel free to tweak these to your liking) and here’s what we came up with:

All the agents are vying for the most points. First place takes home $500, second place takes $350, and third place takes $150.

For every 10 voice-to-voice or face-to-face contacts they made in a given day, they received a certain number of points. Points were also doled out for every 10 two-way conversations they had, be it via email, Facebook Messenger, text message, etc. As you can see, the only way to earn enough points to win is to log 20 touches through various media each day.

Another category in which agents could earn points: handwritten notes. What a great way to stand out as a professional and connect with someone you know (or someone you’d like to know better) on a personal level!

“As a team, we logged more than 900 two-way conversations!”

Agents could also earn points for every time they set an appointment to meet with a buyer or seller, be it in person or virtually; they could rack up even more points for every appointment they attended and, of course, they’d snag the maximum number of points if they ended up taking a listing. We here at the Jennie Wolek Group know that when a buyer signs on to work with us, we have a great chance of getting them all the way to the closing table. That’s why we counted both seller and buyer listings taken.

While locking in new business is obviously a slam dunk, we also know it’s important to grow our databases; our agents received points for every new person they added to their database. Essentially, this activity was a memory jogger, as agents got to scroll deeply through their phones or review their social media networks to find missing people. We also dished out points for new reviews, so our agents reached out to past clients to ask if they would summarize their experience on any of our multiple sites. So, those were the game rules, and here are the results:

As a team, we logged more than 900 two-way conversations! We sent out 65 handwritten notes, set 23 appointments (19 of which were held), and ended up taking 17 listings in just 21 days! We also got 23 new reviews and added hundreds of people to our databases.

I actually had a team member—an experienced agent—send me a text telling me how grateful they were for my decision to implement this game. Without a doubt, we’ll be running this game every quarter—I welcome you to invent your own game! It’s easier and more beneficial than you’d think.

Let me know your thoughts on our closed Facebook group, or reach out to me if you have any questions about how to stay focused on what really matters!


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