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The Basics Build Business

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The basics. Build business. There's an economic adjustment, and I'm excited since our company is built on the basics: relationships and systems. When the economy changes, so should your marketing strategy and tactics.

The BEST business is built on the basics!

I’m certain you feel it by now. Yep, there’s an adjustment going on in the real estate market, and to be honest…I’m excited!

When you build your business based on the basics; a database with relationships and systems, everything is going to be just fine. Although there may be fewer homes that sell this year, there is still plenty for you to get your share, based on your goals. There’s also the fun thing called the “Law of Equilibrium,“ which means that as the number of available homes sold goes down, so does the number of agents working in the business. This is your time to stay focused, keep loving on your people. They will continue to have life events happen and they will need your help. Be there for them and your business with not only survive the resetting of the market, it will thrive!


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