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The Importance of Overcoming Challenges


Here’s how I work to overcome my challenges, and you can too.

It doesn’t get any easier; you get better. You can insert any word you’d like there for “It.” Whatever “It” is, it remains a constant; you do not. Once you experience and work through it, you grow, learn, and adjust.

“It” could be lead generating, time blocking, bringing people in or out of your world, or something else. The more you do it, the better you get, the less it hurts, and the less it slows you down or holds you back. You have to learn to move faster through the challenges; you’ll surprise yourself with your resilience and confidence. You’ll feel nervous, scared, even emotional. However, when it’s over, you’ll feel relieved and proud of yourself.

“Once you experience and work through it, you grow, learn, and adjust.”

We have to look to the future and see what it looks like on the other side. Go there in your mind’s eye, see yourself working through it, past it. Acknowledge it and how good it will feel. That’s how I work through “It” so I can get better.

Choose to feel the symptoms of stress or uncertainty, but go for it anyway. You’re getting better every single day.

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