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How to Use the D.I.S.C. to Your Advantage

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Here’s how understanding different personality types helps you grow.

What’s your behavioral style? Do you know how you operate, communicate, and build rapport with others in the best way?  As I’ve become more self-aware of how I communicate with others, my relationships have improved both personally and professionally.

I was trained in the D.I.S.C. behavioral assessment, and although there are many others like it these days, the D.I.S.C taught me that we’re all versions of these different personalities, and many times, we’re a blend! I wanted to cover the pros and cons of each type today to give you a better understanding of who you are.

“D” stands for direct and decisive. Someone who is a “high D” is a doer; they’re direct and decisive. However, they could also be considered demanding or domineering.

“I” stands for inspiring and interactive. It could also stand for impulsive or irritating.

“S” stands for stable and supportive. It could also stand for someone who is slow or sensitive. 

“C” stands for compliant and careful. A “high C” individual is cautious and conscientious, but they could also be considered calculating or condescending.

“Learn your behavior style to better connect and build rapport.”

Do you know your personality? What about the styles of your team members or family members? When you know your own personality as well as others, it helps you mirror and match your behavior when you’re working to help them with their goals!

In real estate, the industry is dominated by people in the “high D” range. When it comes to the population at large though, high “D” personalities only make up about 3% of people. Additionally, “I” personalities make up 11% of the population, and “S” personalities make up a whopping 69% of people. “High C” individuals make up 17% of the population.

Think about who you are, how you show up, and be open to asking great questions to learn who your clients and teammates are. You may need to adapt to others’ styles instead of dominating with your own. 

If you have questions about these personality types or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, I’m going to do a D.I.S.C. class with Dr. Abelson soon, CLICK HERE for more information on that!



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