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Get Your Clients To Reach Out To You

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How you can engage clients with a hot properties email list.

Got low, active inventory? How about high buyer demand? How about yes and yes?! That seems to be the situation for most Realtors across the country. The inventory of properties that are actively on the market is low, and, like all things in real estate, supply and demand play into this, and the demand is high. We need more houses to sell, right? You guys know this; we keep stressing it to our seller clients. “Hey, hey, sell your house!”

Well, that’s all great, and sometimes we have to change up the message a little bit. That got me thinking this week: What is the message of the market that our people need to be hearing from us that might sound a little different and might actually be a MOFIR? That’s right, a MOFIR: Make Offer For Immediate Response.

What can we say to them that will get them to raise a hand, want to work with us, or at least engage? That’s my goal every single day, so this week, we came up with our hot properties alert. That means we send out a message to our database and post on social media that the benefit of working with a great team like ours that has agents in the field working with buyers and sellers is that, in this low-inventory market of active properties, we have a pipeline of listings that are coming soon. We have fewer than we hoped to have at this time, but we are determined to catch back up!

It is still a hot commodity to have a listing, so how can we maximize all of our efforts around that property? Of course, follow the rules in your local market, whether it’s a coming-soon campaign, which is a great way to do it, or one that I came up with, which is, what if, and by following our rules, we can post a property on social media and send it to our database of upcoming properties as long as it’s going to be listed in 24 hours.

“We want our clients to reach out to us rather than us always bugging them, right?”

What if we could pinpoint exactly who in our database, or through social media networking, wants in on this list? See, I don’t want to send mass emails to people who are not interested in hearing that message. We have to be very purposeful about what we’re saying to people and when, where, and how they’re receiving our message. When we mass send to people without purpose, they’re going to unsubscribe, and I don’t want that.

Anyway, the thinking here is, “Do you want to get on this hot properties email list? Yes or no? Let us know by contacting us.” We had over 10 people say, “Heck yeah, I want on that list!” Now we have people who have raised a hand that want to be part of our world and communicate about our new properties coming on the market.

Inside the same messaging, we end it by reminding people it is a great time to sell your home. So if you’re curious about an updated market report, click here. That would then send them to our home valuation site. With that messaging that went out, we received 10 new CMA requests. Again, it’s just them raising their hands and saying, “Huh, I might have some interest in this. Let me see.”

It’s a two-way conversation now, where we can help them out. We can have a conversation, whether it’s about buying a home or selling a home. We want them to reach out to us rather than us always bugging them, right? So what can we do to make MOFIRS?

That’s my MOFIR of the week. I’m going to keep thinking of them, and you guys share yours too. I can’t wait to hear them! If you have any questions feel free to call or email me. I would love to chat!


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