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Welcome Home Signs

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Today I wanted to share a fun idea we have implemented in our business: welcome home signs. Over the years, we have worked to improve our client experience. When you work with us, we’ll help you achieve your real estate goals, of course—but we want to go the extra mile. 

One thing we came up with is creating a wonderful, surprise experience for our buyer clients when they arrive in their new home after closing. We place corrugated plastic letters across the front yard that spell out “Welcome Home.” Unlike a home that is currently listed, there usually isn’t a sign in a yard that says who sold the home. So, we added a sign that says “Sold by The Wolek Group.” It’s very simple, you can have it made easily, and of course, we added our brand to it. 

“We want to go the extra mile.”

  This is a pleasant way to surprise buyers and say congratulations. We get so many excellent responses from clients saying thank you for this. Then, after a few days, we come back and collect the signs. 

Some tips that we have learned about this are to make sure your signs are made of corrugated plastic. At first, we used cardboard, but they can easily be ruined by sprinklers and rain. Also, make sure you tell them you will be back for the signs because some have thrown them away after a few days. They aren’t super cheap, so you want to make sure you get them back. 

Let me know what other ways you surprise and delight your clients, either during or after a transaction. If you have any questions please contact me by phone or email. I would love to speak with you. 

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