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Train Your Brain to see the Gain: Tips to Squash Negativity and Embrace Progress

The Gap and The Gain

Hey everyone, Jennie Wolek here!

We've all been there: you put yourself out there, share something you're passionate about, and then...wham!  A negative response smacks you down. It's easy to get stuck in that "gap" of self-doubt, focusing on the one bad apple instead of the basket full of good ones.

Sound familiar?

This happened to me recently. I sent out a long email with insights from a conference, and at the bottom, I asked people to reply "hi" if they read the whole thing. I got tons of positive feedback – "thanks," "great notes," "can't wait to learn more!" It felt fantastic!

But then, there was one. One person who unsubscribed and told me to take them off the list. It stung! Why do we fixate on the negative, even when surrounded by positivity?

This experience reminded me of a powerful book, The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. It teaches us to train our brains to see the gains, not dwell in the gaps.

Sure, negative thoughts will pop in, but we can control the next one.  I use a technique called "bless and release."  (You might have seen me tap my head and raise my hand – that's me acknowledging and dismissing the negative thought!)

Here are some tips I use to train my brain for positivity:

  • Bless and Release: Acknowledge the negative thought, then banish it.

  • Count Your Wins: Every night, jot down three things you accomplished that day.

  • Plan for Wins: Before bed, write down three things you want to achieve tomorrow.

  • Gratitude: End your day with positive affirmations, reminding yourself of how awesome you are!

By focusing on the positive, we prime ourselves for success.

So, tell me! What are your hacks for staying positive? How do you train your brain to see the gains? Share your tips in the comments – let's support each other in staying out of that negativity gap!

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