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The Mindset That Makes Someone Coachable

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What makes you coachable?

When someone asked me this question at a recent Q&A session in Atlanta, I had to think about it deeply. I’d never been asked this before, but I believe I’ve found my answer.

When you’re investing in yourself by hiring a business coach, you should be completely committed to every second of your time together. I know that every moment I spend with a coach means money and value for myself in the future, so I choose to squeeze everything I can from these 30-minute sessions. There’s no time to complain or make excuses.

“You must be open-minded and allow new ways of doing things to come into your world.”

So when I asked my coach what it was that made someone coachable, he told me this:

  • They always show up out of curiosity. 
  • They’re always looking to grow their business and themselves.
  • They’re willing to grow, learn, fail, and succeed at a high level.
  • They have an insane desire to be better.

Sometimes, we go without defining what makes us who we are. I remember saying once, “I am open to receive.” This is the biggest point I’d like to make: You must be open-minded and allow new ways of doing things to come into your world. Then, you must put these things into action and hold yourself accountable to accomplishing them. This is the only way that a coach will truly be able to help you succeed.

What do you believe makes you coachable? If you don’t think you’re capable of being coached for the time being, what do you need to do to change that? Whether you’re already taking advantage of a great coaching service or would like to in the future, I’d love to hear from you and help in any way I can. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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