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The Five-S Model of Customer Experience: Surpass

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In the latest installment of our video series on the Five-S Model of customer experience, we’ll talk about the fourth S: surpass.

I’ve found that the more I teach about customer experience, the more attuned to it I become as an observer—whether the experience was amazing or left much to be desired. In the real estate business, we should always be looking for ways that we can be better for our clients, and the “surpass” component of the Five-S Model is an opportunity for us to surprise and delight them. 

Besides giving clients updates, checking in with them, asking for feedback, and satisfying all the basics of an overall great experience, it’s important to look for ways that we can go the extra mile and surpass expectations. As I travel around and meet with other agents, I continue to learn new ideas for doing this. Here’s one: As soon as your buyer or seller goes under contract, surprise them with a gift. Perhaps you can deliver packing tape, champagne or wine, or some other small gesture that celebrates the occasion.

“The “surpass” component of the Five-S Model is an opportunity for us to surprise and delight our clients.”

On top of that, rather than advising them to do this or that, look for opportunities to do certain things for your client. For example, if the seller you’re representing is moving out of their home in the coming days, show them that you’re willing to go above and beyond by bringing in a professional carpet cleaner, mowing their lawn one last time, or helping to offset their costs if that’s part of your approach.   

Finally, your extra efforts should have the element of surprise and need to be carried out in a systematic, organized fashion. The best way to do this is to set reminders so that no matter how busy you get in your life and career, you don’t forget this important part of bolstering your customers’ experience. Of course, just because you have a system, it doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your gifts as well. 

You don’t even have to reinvent the wheel. Whether it’s other real estate teams or leaders in entirely different industries like Nordstrom’s, Southwest, Disneyworld, or anyone you notice providing a world-class customer experience, there are other models out there that you can look to.  

If you have any questions or if you’d like to share with me the unique ways in which you surprise and delight your clients, please give me a call at 918-706-9845 or send me an email at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!

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