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How to Train Your Referral Partners

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Make sure that your family, friends, and clients all know the best way to refer you to a potential client. Here are a few tips to help them.

How can you make sure that when people refer you, they’re doing it correctly?

Have you ever had a past client, friend, or family member tell you that they’ve given so-and-so one of your business cards?

In those situations, I’m always very appreciative. However, there is an issue with that sort of referral. If the person who received the card is anything like me, they’ll eventually lose the card. I like to tell the friend or client who gave them my card to call, text, or email me. The last thing we would ever want is for that person to end up with a weak agent.

Sometimes, we just need to remind our friends and family how they should refer us to them. One script that I love is Mick Hick’s “The Promise.” It’s a great foundation and piece to add to your business.


• “The idea is, during the process of us working together, you will likely hear of other people talking about buying and selling real estate. In that time—between now and when we get to closing—we sure would appreciate if you would give me a call when you hear of anybody that’s thinking about buying or selling.”

• “[…]What I’m asking for is for you to take the next step to make sure that I have the chance to help. In addition to giving my name out, please call, text, or email me their information, because then, I’ll know that there’s a 100% chance that I’ll get in touch with them. This could even be if they’re thinking about refinancing or if they have a general question about real estate. Let me be the real estate expert and reach out to them, because I love helping you and I sure love helping your friends, as well.”

Sharing referrals is a great way to build our business. It’s what we do—we help people and build relationships. Make sure to gather the information of the referring person; we’re not going to bug them. We’re just going to gently reach out and let them know that we heard they were looking for real estate help.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to give you advice on how to improve your practices.

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