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How to Track the Progress of Reaching Your Goals

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How are you tracking your numbers and your accountability?

A lot of times in our business, we talk about a tool called the 4-1-1. If you’re like me, I’m always challenged to figure out what should be on my 4-1-1. With my team members, it’s always confusing and clarity is often needed.

The 4-1-1 is important in your weekly and daily accountability, but how do you even build a 4-1-1?

“You take your one-year goal, then break it down to a one-month plan, and within that month, you break it down to four weeks.”

A great reminder and tool is the book, “The One Thing,” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It’s an amazing book to read to help you become super clear on your goals. There’s a section in the book called “The Seven Circles.” Unsurprisingly, it’s a diagram featuring seven circles which each person needs to fill out according to the following areas of their life:

  • Spiritual life
  • Physical health
  • Key relationships
  • Job
  • Business
  • Finance

The section lays out what is called “goal-setting to the now.” That means taking our dreams of the future and somehow chunking them down to one-year goals. The one-year goal is how 4-1-1 works: You take your one-year goal, then break it down to a one-month plan, and within that month, you break it down to four weeks.

With that, I challenge you to do this exercise. Take out seven pieces of paper and write out each of the categories at the top. For each, write down what that area would look like in your wildest dreams, if you could live your perfect life. I like to write out some phrases about what matters to me in each category. Highlight a couple from each, and then repeat the exercise: What would you have to do within five years to make those goals a reality? Then cut it down even more: What would it take to make it happen within the next year? Create measurable goals so you can track your own success throughout the process, and live your very best life.

If you have any questions or fun tips related to goal-setting to the now, your GPS, or your 4-1-1, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.

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