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How Do You Plan a “Call in to Win Day”?

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What is the “Call in to Win Day,” and how can you make this event work for you?

The “Call in to Win Day” is a day where people call you and provide their contact information to enter a giveaway drawing. To pull this off successfully, you first need a goal, a plan, and a big enough giveaway to inspire people to want to call you. That’s where the challenge lies.

You’ll use the same marketing plan you have for any of your events and have a two- to three-week period where you’ll promote save-the-date notifications so they don’t forget about it. You want to make sure they call on that day, and within a certain time frame, for a chance to win. Make sure you enlist sponsors and vendor partners because they can pitch in to cover the cost while you help promote them along the way via social media and emails.

“You first need a goal, a plan, and a big enough giveaway to inspire people to want to call you.”

Now is the time to focus on what will happen during the day of the event. Our team used Zoom as a forum and had Google Voice feed each call to different team members. We also had Google Forms pulled up so we could input new data and record any referrals. We had a blast that day, and I know you will, too!

You also need to plan for after the event. We announce our winner the next day on Facebook Live and send out an email to each participant in case they miss it. After that, we make sure all new contact information is entered into our database, and every new contact receives a welcome campaign. Of course, if any referrals or other new introductions were made, we reach out to them as soon as possible and let them know we can help with all of their real estate needs.

If you have questions about how to make your own “Call in to Win Day” or there’s anything else I can assist you with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d also love to know some of the ideas you come up with for this fun event!


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