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A Journey of Self-Belief and Growth


Have you ever been reminded of a pivotal moment that shaped your path, even if it faded from memory? Today, I want to share a similar experience that fueled my own journey of self-belief and growth.

It all started with a conversation during a recent coaching session. A member's question triggered a memory from 2014, a time of intense growth, stress, and a crucial turning point.

Back then, my real estate business was thriving. I'd gone from helping 23 families in 2010 to 81 in 2014, fueled by relentless effort and learning. However, amidst the whirlwind of success, I felt stuck, yearning for external validation and direction.

Then, a book called "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg sparked a revelation. While the book focused on gender issues, one specific paragraph resonated deeply. It described an attendee at a training session who, after asking her allotted questions, lowered her hand. But others, mostly women in this example, kept their hands raised, eager for more.

The attendee approached the speaker afterwards, expecting praise for her presentation. Instead, the speaker shared a powerful lesson: "You taught me to keep my hand up."

This resonated deeply. It wasn't about gender; it was about the power of self-belief and taking initiative. I realized I wasn't fully embracing my potential, waiting for others to define my path.

This realization ignited a fire within me. I stopped seeking external validation and started creating my own roadmap. I built a course around my systems and lessons, laying the foundation for the fulfilling life I lead today.

Remember, we are not "instant successes." Our journeys are a tapestry woven with growth, learning, challenges, and setbacks. Each thread, even the seemingly insignificant ones, contributes to the bigger picture.

My story is a testament to the transformative power of self-belief and taking charge. You too have the ability to create your own path and unleash your full potential. Just keep your hand up, believe in yourself, and never stop learning and growing.


  • Reflect on your defining moments, no matter how ordinary they may seem.
  • Embrace continuous growth, learning, and challenges as stepping stones to success.
  • Take charge of your journey and believe in the power you hold within yourself.

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