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The 4 Steps of Lead Generation

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Who doesn’t love receiving repeat and referral business from their database? I know I sure do. Over half of our production each year comes directly from people that we know, whether they are past clients or friends and family referred to us by those people. Building a database that is consistently producing predictable results each year is truly the ultimate goal of all real estate agents. Once this idea finally got through to me, I have been on a mission to continually grow the number of people in our database as well as improve on the systems which get applied to them.

There are four laws of lead generation. This comes directly from page 188 of “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent:”

  1. Build a database
  2. Feed your database
  3. Communicate with your database
  4. Service all your leads and referrals
“The ultimate goal is to deepen the relationship with people in your database.”

It’s important that you know the difference between a lead and a contact. A lead is someone you haven’t met yet, while a contact is someone you already have a relationship with. Categorize them and know which approach to apply. There is no right way of categorizing your database. Use a system that makes sense and works for you.

The ultimate goal is to deepen the relationship with people in your database. Those connections can lead to an appointment to discuss their plans and see if you’re a good fit to work together.

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