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The Benefits of Promoting Small Businesses


Every agent should support their local businesses. Here’s why.

We just got back from a video shoot at a local Tulsa business, and it really inspired me to chat with you guys about the value and beauty of supporting small, local businesses. After all, we’re all small businesses. As real estate agents, we are awesome community givers. We give back to non-profits, our clients, local businesses, and more. When you’re giving back, you should have a plan of how you want to do it.

For example, now that we’re getting back out in person, there are a lot of opportunities. Even during the pandemic over Zoom, I talked with local businesses about how they were making it through the tough times and how we could help or promote them. We just shot the video through Zoom, then we shared them on social media, promoted them to our database, and, of course, added them to our database. This way they’re connected to The Wolek Group.

What’s so cool about all of this is that when you freely promote people and don’t ask for anything in return, they give back to us. For example, this weekend, we’re sponsoring an event at a local museum. We thought we’d do a giveaway, so we made a gift basket with gift cards and swag from local businesses. To make it, all we did was reach out to local businesses we’ve helped, and they all agreed to help. Now, we have a gift basket people can try and win that has over $1,000 worth of items from local businesses.

“When you’re giving back, you should have a plan of how you want to do it.”

Our commitment to this event was a $500 sponsorship to set up a table and be in front of three or four hundred Tulsa people and grab their information. Then, we can share it with all our vendors and partners.

I encourage you to get uncomfortable, get outside of your office, and connect with other local businesses. Now that it’s a regular part of our Friday morning, it gives us so much energy. We get pumped up to meet new people and see new places. And while we’re out, we also get tons of great content for social media posts.

I can’t recommend it enough: Get out, have fun, promote local businesses, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. You can check us out on our social media, or you can always give me a call. I can’t wait to hear how you’re reaching out to local businesses!


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