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Level up Your Business With Leverage

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How leveraging systems, tools, and people can change your life.

Leverage is life-changing. Adding leverage in the form of people, systems, or tools can take your life to a whole new level, both personally and professionally. I know this because I’ve experienced it—I’ve slowly, and painfully at times, added in leverage over the years, and I’ve seen big results.

Are you doing things in your day that you know aren’t the most dollar-productive activities, but someone has to do them? Do you feel like you’re working so hard every day that you’re exhausted, but the business isn’t moving forward, almost like you’re trapped in a hamster wheel? The life of an entrepreneur can be so rewarding, but it can also be so exhausting, especially when you’re wearing all the hats and not making the money you desire even though you’re putting in so much effort and time. I finally got sick of it. I finally realized that if I wanted a change, I needed to make it happen!

First, I started with implementing systems: checklists and plans that I could duplicate and perform over and over to create a systematic approach to my transactions and communications. Systems allowed me to sleep better at night, knowing it would all be okay. When I woke up, I would have reminders as soon as I opened up my CRM because there was a system in place.

“If you’re bogged down in all the 80% activities, you’re not living up to your most productive self.”

Then, I added tools and different technologies to make my life and my systems work more efficiently. They would allow me to connect and communicate with more people at a time and keep the processes automated and seamless. A few examples are video marketing or drip campaigns for your 36-touch program. These help you share the message with more people by using tools, technologies, social media, and more.

Lastly, the best return on investment came when I invested in people. Leverage through people is the most rewarding, scary, and exciting piece of leverage you can imagine. We just aren’t born to be leaders; we don’t know how to grow through it either. We’ve got to learn and grow in our leadership. However, here’s the deal: We cannot succeed at a high level without the help of people. People will help us get to the next level, deliver a great client experience, and promote our mission and culture, which allows us to grow! Leveraging people is the most important thing in all areas of my life, not just my business.

If you’re bogged down in all the 80% activities, you are not living up to your most productive, purposeful dollar-per-hour. You need to know your worth, and realize that others can probably do it better than you.

Let me know if you want to learn more about leveraging your business. Leveraging through people, systems, and tools sounds complicated, but it’s not. You just got to get started! If you need anything, feel free to call or email me. I’d love to teach you more about this topic.


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