$49.00 USD

5 Steps to 6 Figures with Agent Referrals: Video + Presentation + Systems

Year after year, The Wolek Group in Tulsa, OK, receives referrals from real estate agents from all across the country. This isn’t by accident. There is in fact a plan, a process, and lots of purpose behind the system.

Taking on a project like this, in today’s market, may seem daunting and overwhelming and that’s why this class was created. You will receive the checklists, tasks, tips, strategies, and spreadsheets that Jennie and her team use to continue to generate referrals, even in a time of lower production.

Dreams and Dollars- In this class you will learn how to plan ahead and know what to say, by sharing your real estate knowledge and upcoming events, with care and kindness. You will also determine YOUR buckets of business, your big WHY, the importance of clear messaging, and the steps to take to put these best practices into action.